Holistic Therapies for your Total Wellbeing


Health in Harmony was set up in 2005, and initially my treatment room was a converted bedroom in our home.  By the summer of 2009, it became clear that I needed to expand.  A number of options were looked at before we decided to have a log cabin built in the garden at the rear of our property.  

The pictures below show the initial work stages, where my husband Graham and my Dad (with a little help from me) started to pull out trees, grind down stumps, clear out the space and knock down the wall between our property and next door, lay a new concrete pathway and drainage and put lighting in.

Following that, our chosen company lay the concrete base and then built the cabin.  After the Electrician completed all the internal and external electrics and we equipped the inside of the cabin, we were ready in November of that year to embrace the second phase of     Health in Harmony.

I am fortunate that I have a job that I love and am able to carry it out in a wonderful environment, but this wouldn't be possible without my fantastic clients.  Some of these clients have been with me right from the beginning and three very special clients all received their 100th massage with me last year.  This year, a further five clients will do the same.  I am eternally grateful to all my clients for their support, loyalty and friendship, which makes the work I do so rewarding.