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100 Massages!

This month I received my 100th massage treatment from Tricia at Health in Harmony.  From the very first massage I had in January 2007, Tricia has been truly amazing.  Going above and beyond just a Massage Therapist, Tricia has always taken the time to understand the underlying issues causing the pain and works her magic to get rid of whatever issues I have had ... and I've certainly had a few!!  I can go to Tricia with a broken body and come home with it all fixed.  From the moment you walk into her 'cabin of heaven', you are immediately at ease, and her caring, wonderful attitude makes her an absolute delight.  I couldn't recommend anyone better than Tricia.

Parminder from Reading.  July 2015

Something happens when you walk through the door of Tricia's cabin.  The scent of the oils permeating the wood, the soothing music and the knowledge that you will shortly be blissfully relaxed, have an instant affect.  This is just the start of the whole massage experience: Tricia's magical hands and the effect of the aromatherapy oils, which are individually blended to suit your mood or help with specific problems, have amazingly relaxing and de-stressing effects. 

I've been a client for several years now and I'm not exaggerating when I say that she is the best Massage Therapist I have visited, having tried quite a few in various locations, both home and abroad.  I had previously experienced both painful and ineffectual massage, but not here.  In fact, I can credit Tricia with helping me to keep a chronic shoulder problem under control, enabling me to avoid medical intervention.  Her techniques are gentle, but firm and flow seamlessly, with none of the sudden 'shock' manoeuvres that some therapists employ, which completely destroy any sense of relaxation you may have achieved.

In addition to the beneficial physical effects, to be able to quieten your mind enough to achieve the level of relaxation where you are removed from the everyday rush and stresses of normal life, all whilst lying on Tricia's couch, is a truly amazing experience.  It is one I would recommend to anyone who wants to try massage, or has maybe had a 'bad' massage experience before.  I have recommended Health in Harmony to several friends, all of whom have greatly enjoyed their treatments.

Cathy from Lower Earley.  August 2013

I have been visiting Tricia for a Full Body Aromatherapy Massage every month for over 6 years now and have received over 80 massage treatments.  I am just as pleased each time I visit - every treatment is as good as the previous one.  From Tricia's friendly, professional manner, to the lovely massage cabin and essential oils - it's a monthly treat I wouldn't want to do without!  No matter what my aches and pains, I always leave feeling much less achy and more relaxed than when I arrive.  Heaven!

Tracey from Woodley.  June 2012

I started visiting Tricia at Health in Harmony over 4 years ago.  I was looking for a massage that didn't hurt or make me 'grit my teeth' throughout the whole session - and this is exactly what I found.  Tricia took the time to understand me and look at the areas that were a problem for me.  Before each session, Tricia takes the time to understand what has gone on since the last session, and will treat you accordingly.  She has made me feel very comfortable and at ease from day one.  The cabin is beautiful and has a really calming atmosphere about it.  Right from the beginning, the experience can only be described as pure heaven and relaxation.  Tricia is a kind, down-to-earth person.  She is easy to talk to and genuinely cares about her clients and is committed to helping them.  I wouldn't go anywhere else!

Yvonne from Woodley.  December 2013