Holistic Therapies for your Total Wellbeing

Aromatherapy Full Body Massage

Using a blend of carrier and essential oils,  this full body aromatherapy massage is carried out using both light and firm pressure across all muscle groups.  The essential oils are blended to suit your particular needs, and through the physical and aromatic effects of the oils, this treatment will encourage relaxation, better circulation, improved suppleness and the release of muscular tension.  The treatment includes the scalp and face, using facial pressure points.

Swedish Full Body Massage

The term 'Swedish Massage' refers to a variety of techniques specifically designed to relax muscles by applying pressure to them against deeper muscles and bones.  Relaxing strokes prepare the body for the firm application of pressure to relax muscle tightness and break down toxins and tensions.  This massage treatment is performed using a base carrier oil and the one hour treatment can be tailored to exclude or focus on specific areas.

Indian Head Massage

This treatment is based on the ancient Ayurvedic healing system meaning Science of Life and aims to help balance the mind, body and spirit.  A lot of the stress we experience on a daily basis manifests itself in our upper body and this in turn can cause bad posture, tight knotted muscles and severe headaches.  The massage is carried out with you seated on a specially designed chair, fully clothed, and is focused on the upper back, shoulders, neck and head.

Deep Tissue Massage

The massage technique used for Deep Tissue Massage focuses on the deeper layers of muscle tissue through slow strokes and deep finger pressure on the contracted muscle areas.  More intensive techniques are used where necessary, to ensure the release of chronic muscle tension by loosening muscle tissues and releasing toxins from the muscles in order to aid the circulation of blood and oxygen.

Seated Upper Body Massage

Seated Upper Body massage brings various massage traditions together into one flexible and effective treatment.  This massage treatment is undertaken on a specially designed chair, supporting the chest, arms and face and you will remain fully clothed throughout the treatment.  It is designed to ease tense back, neck and shoulder muscles and stimulate the scalp.

Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage

The large volume of muscles in these key muscle groups are where we are prone to carry our tension.  This treatment is very popular as it is a deeply relaxing massage focusing on built up stress and muscle tension in all areas around the back, shoulders and neck.  This massage is the perfect choice for a quick stress and knot release fix.

Shoulders, Neck & Head Massage

Sitting cramped over a desk or computer, or hunched over a steering wheel can give rise to bad posture and cause strain and tension to the neck and shoulders, reducing the usual 360 degree mobility, which can sometimes result in muscular headaches.  This treatment can relieve the neck and shoulders of signs of discomfort and by massaging the head, tightness of the muscle that surrounds the skull can be released.

Hands, Feet & Facial Massage

A hand and foot massage is not only extremely relaxing and enjoyable, it also has many health benefits, such as allowing for better blood circulation, improving the flexibility of joints and improving skin and nails.  The aromatherapy facial massage at the end of the treatment is calm and soothing and will help you to relax and take away the strains of the day.

Scalp & Facial Massage

When your scalp is massaged, your whole body relaxes too.  This firm scalp massage will relieve stress and tension and banish your headache.

With over 60 muscles contained on the face, this uniquely designed aromatherapy facial treatment combines facial pressure points and rhythmic contouring to to relax you and uplift and tone your facial muscles.

Times indicated are times for treatments only.  Please allow an extra 10-15 minutes for a consultation at the beginning of your treatment and relaxation time and an aftercare consultation at the end of your treatment.