Holistic Therapies for your Total Wellbeing

Your Visit to Health in Harmony

Some of you may have never experienced massage before and are keen to do so, but not sure what happens.  Others will have had treatments from both independent therapists and therapists working in health spas.  All therapists work differently, and so I would like to explain how a typical visit to Health in Harmony works.  

However, before I do that, let me explain what massage 'is' and 'isn't'.  We can often get confused when the word massage is mentioned, because our minds may associate the word 'massage' with 'massage parlours'.  (My Mother-in-Law always introduced me to her neighbours and friends saying "this is my Daughter-in-Law, she works in a massage parlour" ... raised eyebrows all round!!!).  To set your mind at rest, it is important to confirm that 'therapeutic massage' is a healing art form, not a sexual technique!!  Massage has been practised as a healing tradition in many cultures for thousands of years, and is one of the oldest and simplest forms of therapy.  Therapeutic massage is essentially the manipulation of the soft tissues of the whole body - muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia - for the purpose of maintaining healthy systems within your body.

So, back to what happens when you visit Health in Harmony?   

The length of the massage treatment will depend upon the type of treatment you have chosen.  At your first visit, and before any massage treatment commences, we will undertake a Client Consultation.  You will be asked questions relating to your medical history to ensure there are no contraindications (a reason, symptom or situation that prevents a treatment being carried out) to you receiving a massage.  Additionally, questions will be asked regarding your body systems to find out any underlying issues that you may or may not be aware of.  Other questions regarding your general lifestyle, covering topics such as dietary habits, exercise regime, working environment, stress levels, home and family, etc., will complete the consultation.  Don't be worried about this - it is not invasive, it is just to ensure that the correct approach is taken, considering you as a whole person, not just your symptoms or condition.

In most treatments offered, oil is used - whether this is just a base oil, or a base oil blended with essential oils - so do bear this in mind when dressing prior to arriving for a treatment.  Loose, comfortable clothing is recommended.  However, if you are coming to Health in Harmony direct from work, don't worry, towels are available at the end of your treatment so that you may wipe off any excess oil before you dress.

Prior to your massage treatment commencing, you will undress in a private area with space for you to hang or fold your clothes.  You will be required to undress down to your underwear and large towels are provided for you.  Once on the massage couch, you will be properly draped with the towels for the entire massage session.  The only part of your body that will be uncovered at any one time is the area that is being treated - at no time during your treatment, will your modesty be compromised.

During the massage treatment, you will probably just want to relax into it and let all your stress and tension go.  However, do feel free to ask questions, request deeper/lighter pressure or voice any concerns you may have.  It is my aim at Health in Harmony to ensure you enjoy your massage and leave feeling fully relaxed and revitalised.

At the end of your massage treatment you will often feel deeply relaxed, therefore it is important that you rest for a few minutes before rising from the massage couch.  Once you are dressed and take your seat in the consultation area, you will be offered a glass of water to assist your body with the process of detoxification.  You will then be given recommendations regarding any specific after-care advice that might be appropriate to you.